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Russian fan leader arrested, faces 2nd deportation in a full week

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Euro 2016

TOULOUSE, France (AP) — The leader of an Russian fan¬†union with alleged far-right links was imprisoned at Russia’s game with

Wales on Mon and today faces being deported from France for the second time in weekly.

French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henri Brandet said Alexander Shprygin was detained at the stadium in Toulouse,

three days after he was deported from France after regulators accused him of engagement in hooliganism.

“Detained tonight in the Toulouse stadium, Alexander Shprygin was located in custody and his situation will be dealt with

either administratively or with a judicial treatment,” Brandet told The Associated Press by text message.

Shprygin, who was among 20 Russians deported to Moscow the other day, said on Tweets he previously re-entered France by “a unique

course under cover of nighttime,” submitting pictures of what were Barcelona airport. He seemed to have journeyed then

into France over land.

While Shprygin’s European Union visa had not been canceled when he was deported the other day, he was forbidden to enter into France and

might have been immediately removed if he had flown into a French air port.

Shprygin also uploaded pictures near to the stadium with men he said were Russian consuls.

Shprygin, who sits on the Russian government fee overseeing Moscow’s arrangements for the 2018 World Glass, has

admitted to posting pictures of considerably right icons online but says neither he nor his firm is racist.

Shprygin’s organization retains official reputation from the Russian Basketball Union and has worked with the Russian

government before.

UEFA-affiliated anti-discrimination group the Fare Network has said his role in Russian football “shows the technicians of

infiltration of the far-right into supporter moments” in Russia.

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