Leicester City

If this season Leicester City hopes to get in zone top 4, they need to lost less goals!

Leicester City
Leicester City

After England Premier League this season has started for a while, if asking which team has surprisingly work can’t deny that Leicester City under coach Claudio Ranieri is the one because for first 5 game this new season, Leicester City has such an amazing job because they can get in top zone and made a lot of goal which it’s a surprise job.

However, Leicester City under Claudio Ranieri from the start on 5 games, can’t deny that they surprised everyone whick Leicester City might be the team in zone top 4 this season. But, it’s just start for few games and Leicester City never meet strong team so, those can’t answer the question that this season Leicester City under coach Claudio Ranieri will work good or not, especially they hope to end this season by reach the place in zone top 4. Thing that Claudio Ranieri should do is try to lost less goal.

For reason why Claudio Ranieri want to make Leicester City to end the season by surprisingly get the place in zone top 4, he have to lost less goal because Leicester City previous work they did an amazing job especially on attacking game they did really well because they made many goal but in defensive line still not good enough because from the statistic on past 5 game they lost 7 goal which clearly see Leicester defensive have to be fixed because they’re easily lost the goal. So, the chance that he has to collect 3 main score is difficult. So, If Claudio Ranieri want to bring his team into zone top 4, they have to continually so good work and thing he should do after this time is fix defensive position and try to lost less goal.

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