Nemanja Matic

Nemanja Matic is the reason that Chelsea defensive has disappointing performance this season!

Nemanja Matic
Nemanja Matic

If talking about one interesting issue after England Premier League that passed 5 games already. Certainly, Chelsea performance started this season with disappointing performance because obviously see that after 5 games Jose Murillo can collect just 4 points.

From Chelsea disappointing performance this new season. We will talk about latest Chelsea form. Therefore, their latest work, the main problem was defensive lose the goal so easily. Which the reason that Chelsea has such a disappointing work might be because the defensive team are old that they’re dropped their from this new season. But that’s not the main reason because personally another problem that make Chelsea dropped their performance and had disappointing form is because of Nemanja Matic.

Reasons why Nemanja Matic is another reason that take part of problem about Chelsea defensive this season and had disappointing performance because if check from his latest form clearly see he has dropped his performance. There’re many time he missed passing the ball and cut off the ball too. So the competitor attacking position often get through defensive line which the team will have more work to do plus this new season the main defensive dropped the performance so, Chelsea defensive made low commensurable form.

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