Jose Murillo

If Jose Murillo let Chelsea form going down, this season they just only reach to Top 4!

Jose Murillo
Jose Murillo

After the battle of 5th England Premier League this season has ended. This article will talk about Chealsea, coach Jose Murillo for the reason why talking about Chelsea because of 5th game from last season, again Jose Murillo still has disappointed performance because Chelsea can’t collect any score and lost for Everton 3-1.

And both Chelsea form and work is hard to keep It better so, this article will talk about Chelsea. Their performance since the start of season to now is so disappointed and seems like Jose Murillo can’t fix the game which after this Jose Murillo can’t make the team better this season they can push forward just on Top 4.

For the reason if Jose Murillo let Chelsea form going down, this season Chelsea might be push forward just in Top 4 because by the score now Manchester City move ahead of Chelsea. Although after few game if Chelsea still fail, Manchester City will be lead on score because this season Manchester City has great performance with aggressive on attacking and defensive game while Chelsea has weak attacking and defensive game. So, Manchester City will have chances to lead the score. Therefore, Jose Murillo should make better work because if Chelsea can’t be better, this season they’ll just push forward to Top 4.

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