Edinson Cavani

If Edinson Cavani is the target to boost new striker of Manchester United, It’s a good pick!

Edinson Cavani
Edinson Cavani

If talking about Manchester United works in last season, Can’t deny that last season Manchester United, the team’s coach Louis Falkirk Mahal had clearly better performance if compared to the previous season. Because this past season Louis Van Gaal can take the teams into zone top four and reached to the Cup of Europe, UEFA Champions League next season again.

However, can’t deny that last season Manchester United under the team’s coach Louis Van Gaal was doing better than previous season but there are several points that still need to fix and one of the reson is forward. Obviously, all the time with transfer market player news Manchester United rumored to interest with many forward and one in that rumor was Edison Cavani. Which not sure that Manchester United really interested on him but if it true, it’s a good pick.

     The reason is because Edinson Cavani is likely to meet on the subject of producing the score for Manchester United under team’s coach Louis Van Gaal as well. Because although last season he dropped his forms but overall he still can make the score also able to make the gold by himself because since he moved to Paris Saint-Germain, he frequently play in winger. So, must be suit with Manchester United playing plan under Louis Van Gaal. So Edison Cavani is a good choice for Manchester United.

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